Scandinavian International Theatre School is an English speaking theatre school offering training in the performing arts to children between the ages of 6 and 16. All classes take place on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm during term-time and are in English.

Students work together in three different age groups with no more than 15 students in each class. This activity is open to anyone from any school who wishes to apply, however, as SITS is working in association with Stockholm International School and priority will go to students who attend these schools if places are limited.

The Course

The course consists of Spring term and Autumn term running concurrently with the school year. Each session lasts for three hours between 10 am and 1pm on Saturdays during which time students attend classes in singing, dance and drama. Spring term runs from mid-January to May. Autumn term runs from late August to December.

All students will be required to wear comfortable clothing for movement and suitable shoes for dance (please see shop for details). Long hair must be tied back and no jewellery is allowed during class.  Please provide a drink and a snack for your child.


SITS aims to provide performing arts training in English to those students who are living in Sweden on a temporary or permanent basis. We believe that in a structured environment, through music, dance and drama, our children and young adults develop self confidence, communication and social skills, co-ordination and creativity in an atmosphere where they can have fun, working as a team. Skills which will help prepare them for their future.


All students participate in a presentation at the end of each term, based on their course work throughout the year. This may consist of individual group demonstrations or a whole school production. Friends and family are actively encouraged to attend these twice yearly events. On occasion, the school is asked to take part in other concerts and events which is something that we take pride in and encourage our students to participate in.